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Internet Marketing & Promotion:

You have a website. Now what? Many website owners are under the false impression that a nice looking site is enough to get them traffic and sales. In a perfect world that would be true, but unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world. So, what now? How do I get traffic to my site?

A successful online Website marketing campaign means more than driving clicks to your web site. Our marketing professionals know what it takes to attract qualified prospects, and convert those leads into sales. Whether you wish to sell products online, promote a service, generate leads, or simply increase brand awareness, we will customize a campaign with your specific objectives in mind. With over 11 years of online marketing experience, and 30 years in the computer Consulting Services industry Prei Inc.  is the best choice for your business.

Our Online Marketing Services Include:

  • A Dedicated Marketing Consultant and single point of contact.
  • A Competitive & Market Analysis specific to your business.

  • Local, Regional and Global geographic targeting .

  • Flexible Monthly Budget.

  • Performance tracking reports and ongoing support.

  • Unlimited,  Expert Technical Support.

How do we achieve your web marketing  goals?:

  • Advertising in Website Directories (Example: Local, national or international directories targeted for your product or services

  • Pay Per Click Advertising

  • Optimizing your site so that you rank high when someone searches for certain keywords.   
  • Localized geographic targeted website marketing campaigns.

    Advertising in Directories:
    Directories usually charge a yearly fee, and in return they give you a small ad on their site. Sometimes this is worth it, and sometimes not. We have dealt with hundreds of website directories, and would be happy to recommend the better ones to you.

    Pay Per Click Advertising:
    This is an affordable and fast way to get traffic to your site. The great thing about this form of advertising is that your ad is only displayed to people who are searching for your product! (This greatly improves the chance of that lead turning into a sale) You don't have to pay a monthly or yearly fee. You are only charged when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your site.

    Optimizing Your Site:
    More commonly known as Search Engine Optimization, this is the best option if you plan on having a long-term Internet Marketing Campaign.  Prei Inc. "optimizes" your site for certain keywords, which will then give you top rankings for those keywords in the major search engines. You can then benefit from that traffic and not have to pay a yearly fee.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

 Search Engine Optimization is the art of turning a normal web site into one that can be found by all the major search engines.

We use the results from our keyword analysis and Internet marketing analysis to structure the content and code to revolve around your specific keywords.

The programming we use on the site itself is not only more powerful then plain HTML, but is actually cleaner and easier to make changes to. Which would explain why they call it search engine optimization.

This special design/programming technique takes on Zen-like simplicity, with pages coded in the cleanest possible way, without heavy images or Javascripts, and with just the right amount of keywords. Too many keywords can get you banned, too few will be ignored by the search engines.

We also Analyze Keywords, Backlinks, and Competitors keywords:

Keywords are the words your customers are using to search for your site. These keywords are used very differently on search sites, with different technology in play for the different search engines.

We use proprietary software developed specifically for keyword analysis, which employs thesaurus and related-word searches. Then we analyze your competitors' sites  to find out which keywords have the greatest Keyword Effectiveness Rating (KEI). This rating is a huge part of our Internet marketing analysis.


And Finally:

 Localized geographic targeted website marketing campaigns. In this scenario we take your website and optimize it for your product demographic and localization  so that if you need geographic localized website traffic based on your product or service the traffic you receive will be just that local traffic.


Prei Inc. Specializes in the development of  Web Marketing programs that focus on the increase of  your local, national and or international  web traffic to your website.

Prei Inc.  also provides website  design and development  to suit any budget.

If you are looking to get your business online or simply wish to optimize or redesign your current website, we are able to provide you with a cost effective solution.

Additional Services include:

Website Design, Website Hosting, E-commerce Marketing, Website Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Domain Name Registration, Credit Card Merchants Services Activation (Accept Credit Cards), Website Shopping Card Development,   related services

What are you waiting for?!

Don't just take our word for it, visit our portfolio, read one of our clients  testimonials top right or contact us to discuss your website needs requirements.

Whether you want to establish or invigorate your online presence, position yourself effectively, move product, create a richer site or even manage your own content, we render it possible through technical savvy, imagination and vision.

A well run website with diligent search engine optimization and submissions, can be the cheapest form of advertising.



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ROI (Return on Investment) Tracking and Conversion allows you to see what part of your advertising campaign is working.

We use special proprietary software to track all the traffic to your website so you can see yourself if it resulted in a Conversion (a sale, sales lead or any pre-defined action).

What kind of leads do you need?

Businesses that serve a specific geographic area. Usually professional service providers such as dentists, massage therapists, chiropractors, etc or anyone who needs to reach a target market within a certain city or group of cities.

Businesses that wish to sell products or services to a national or global market.

Online Marketing


In case anyone hasn't noticed, search engine marketing has exploded over the last few years"
The combination of expanding campaigns and the desire to carefully track campaign details is causing many companies to look to third-party firms to manage their search engine marketing. Jupiter 

Their studies also show that 80 percent of companies that outsourced are significantly more satisfied with the performance of their campaign).

Search Engine Statistics

83% of  Internet users will use one of the major search engines to find products or services over the web.

The more links you have going in to your website, the higher Google will rank you.


Get Noticed!


What is Web Site Promotion?

Web site promotion involves a combination of organic search engine optimization and search engine marketing. The methods we use to promote your web site are tried, tested, and based on fundamental marketing principles.

We hold the glass the window shoppers of the Internet peer through as they stroll the mall of the Web. Without something good to look at, it doesn't matter how clear the glass is, your customers will not stop or purchase anything. Alternatively, if you have great content but your in the wrong mall, you'll have a similar situation.

Allow our Web Site Promotion Experts to put up a display that will grab and retain your customers as well as the search engines; while placing your site amongst a network (or community) of similar sites.